Why is your service free?

The hotel or venue pay us a commission for placing the booking with them,
just like if you were booking your holiday through a travel agent.

Will this make the event more expensive to us?

No, due to the large volume of business we place annually, we can negotiate
the most competitive rates for all our clients’ events: to match or better their budgets,
without compromising on the quality of the event delivered.

Would you ever make any charges?

No. Once instructed on a Sole Agency basis we would not charge a venue finding fee. If we were instructed
and subsequently were unable to confirm the event because the client had appointed more than one Agency
or gone direct to a Venue, instead of asking us to include it in the mix with the rest of the search;
then we would raise an invoice to cover our costs. Please call Sarah Churcher if you need more information on this.

Can you help with Event Management?

Although we do not offer Event Management in house we work closely with other companies
that offer this service and that we recommend.

How will you save me money?

Our buying power, combined with excellent working relationships with the hotels and venues
enables us to negotiate the best rates on our client’s behalf. Likewise it assists us with securing
added value – complimentary room hire, drinks receptions etc. and the best terms.