How can we help our ‘Perfect Planet’

In June 2019 I wrote about the importance of our industry embracing renewable energy and playing our part in reducing the production of CO2. On watching ‘Perfect Planet’ narrated by David Attenborough on Sunday evening I was reminded yet again of the urgency of using sustainable energy to protect our planet.

According to research by Ignite Economics and published by Energy and Environment Alliance our industry only represents around 2% of total energy usage, however, the accommodation sector has increased energy usage by 47% since the turn of the century, greater than any other industry type. It is estimated the industry could reduce usage by 15-20%, up to 660,000 tonnes/year of CO2.

Some hotels are leading the way, from independent hotels in Amsterdam and Brandenburg to chain hotels such as the Melia Group. In its hotels throughout Spain and Italy it uses 100% renewable electricity, without any compromise on service, style or luxury.

The renewable options most appropriate depend on the locations of hotels. Geothermal and biofuels maybe more practical in suburban and rural locations, whereas combined heating and power and solar in more urban districts. Most hotels already include some elements of reuse in their daily practices, including linen and towels.

All eyes are on the UK with the next COP26 climate change conference due to be held in Glasgow between 1-12th November 2021. Boris Johnson is firmly behind reducing carbon emissions setting ambitious new targets for 2030.

Let’s help the planet by building in renewable energy plans as we go forward over the coming months and years.