Tentative steps with meetings up to 30……

The events industry is at last taking tentative steps forward following the recent announcement by the Government to trial meetings for up to 30 people. These will have to take place as would be expected in line with all the current guidance for social distancing and in a COVID-19 secure venue.

These meetings will play a part in any decision making for allowing larger events hopefully from October.

Venues have been working incredibly hard to come up with innovative solutions to allow a balance between people meeting in person but staying safe. They are offering enhanced cleaning protocols , socially distanced meeting spaces, interesting and novel touch free food experiences and still at affordable prices. Etc. venues with 17 day venues in locations such as London, Manchester and Birmingham have set up an ’18-Point Plan’ and it covers all the key elements, from science led cleaning, technology enhanced spaces, to touch-free food and highly trained welcoming teams. So potentially you could hold a gathering for any number of people, with up to 30 participating physically, socially distanced at the venue and the remainder engaged virtually, but still very much part of the discussion through polls and Q &A’s. They would ensure all the guidelines are adhered to without you having to worry, together with co-ordinating the technology required for such a hybrid event. This would reduce the risk for event organisers, potentially allowing more people to attend in person if this becomes feasible or less people depending on restrictions. However, it would mean the event is at less risk of being unable to take place or the possibility of it having to be rearranged.

For residential meetings Hilton Hotels offer similar reassurances through their EventReady Cleanstay programme. It too provides peace of mind for organisers with its rigorous cleaning protocols, provision of technology solutions and flexibility with socially distanced event space.

For more detailed information on this please contact sarah.churcher@conferencec.co.uk

We have worked for many years with both Etc Venues and Hilton Hotels and have exceptional working relationships to help secure competitive rates and customised programmes, so please do contact us if you need help arranging your next meeting.

Hopefully with tiny steps and flexibility the meetings business can, over time, bounce back.