Back in full swing, or so we thought?

Events have been back in full swing up until recent weeks, however, with the emergence of the Omicron variant and new government recommendations, organiser and delegate confidence has been knocked . The feedback is clear from our clients that the delegates had been enjoying the return to this new ‘norm’, a chance to be in each others company, network and socialise once again. It had been heart warming to hear this news after such a very difficult period for Hospitality.

However, it is still challenging times for the industry with increases in costs and difficulties in securing products via the supply chain. Obtaining food and drinks both from abroad and the UK is a struggle. How often do you hear ‘I am sorry I can’t get that wine’. Some venues are also operating at reduced occupancy as they don’t have the staff to wait at the tables or service the bedrooms or meeting rooms. It is incredibly sad that this is hampering their attempts to get back on their feet and operate at a profit.

We all have to play our part in helping the industry flourish again. This will mean clients taking responsibility for the updated health and safety protocols, together with  paying increased rates for the events they run in order  for our much loved venues to survive. But sometimes less can be more, for example, one event but at a higher value as opposed to two smaller events for less. I think we are all more cautious and will choose what we attend to stay safe so this could work better into the future. Together with travelling and eating responsibly we can also make a positive impact on the environment. Something you know I am very passionate about!

For those events still taking place over the festive period please have a thought for the people working hard behind the scenes under difficult circumstances to provide this service. The absolute heroes of our business related and personal social life!